Much is being said about artificial intelligence. Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, hype around AI removing human jobs has grown exponentially. Millions of people have expressed unfounded fears about potential job losses. Rapid developments in artificial intelligence technologies have also raised these concerns. However, Word could heave a sigh of relief.

Professor Yan Likun, chief scientist of Meta, who is known as one of the three godfathers of artificial intelligence, confirmed by saying that artificial intelligence will not take over the world nor will it permanently destroy jobs. In a press interaction for Meta in Paris, LeCun called fears that artificial intelligence could pose a threat to humanity “unbelievably absurd.” He said that computers would become smarter than humans, however, and that would take years. His solution to all concerns was that if anyone felt that an AI was not safe, they should simply not build it.

His comments contradict other godparents Geoffrey Hinton and Joshua Bengio who have described artificial intelligence as a threat to the human race. LeCun said the whole idea of ​​AI taking over the world was a projection of human nature onto machines. “It would be a huge mistake to keep AI research under lock and key,” the publication quoted him as saying.

According to the scientist, those who were worried about the dangers of artificial intelligence did so because they did not imagine how the technology could be made safer. Drawing parallels between the invention of the Turbojets to prove his case. The professor said that if we asked someone in 1930 how to make jet engines safe, it would be useless as jet engines were invented in 1930.

LeCun said there is no doubt that artificial intelligence will outperform human intelligence. But, he added, the researchers missed some crucial concepts in getting to that point. LeCun is a French Turing Prize-winning computer scientist with expertise in machine learning, computational neuroscience, computer vision, and mobile robotics. LeCun is currently Vice President and Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist at Meta.

In May of this year, another godfather of artificial intelligence, George Hinton, announced his resignation from Google saying how much he regretted his work. Hinton went on to warn of the looming dangers of rapid developments in artificial intelligence. In the same month, Yoshua Bengio said he would have put safety above utility had he realized the pace at which artificial intelligence would develop.


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