Controversy over the Food Corporation of India (FCI) decision to Stop selling wheat and rice to state governments Except in the northeast – it escalated on Thursday as Congress and BJP leaders bickered over the issue. FCI has suspended the sale of cereals under the Open Market Sale (Domestic) Scheme (OMSS-D) from 13 June, as directed by the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.

Prime Minister Siddaramaiah on Thursday accused the central government of “trying to snatch food from the poor” as the state was relying on FCI stocks to fulfill the Anna Bhagia Guarantee Scheme, which is 10 kg of food grains per month for each BPL family. With the Congress government saying the center would be liable if its scheme collapsed, the BJP threatened to unleash a statewide uproar if its safeguards failed.

A day after accusing the BJP-led Union government of trying to thwart the scheme by taking a “political decision”, Siddaramaiah trained his guns on PM Narendra Modi, asking why the PM and the BJP refused to give 10 kilograms of free rice to deserving people. . Why do they want to snatch food from the poor? BJP is against Karnataka and we have been saying this since 2014.

“The BJP leaders have publicly threatened the Kannadigas during the elections, saying that all schemes will be stopped if the BJP is not voted into power. Is this letter to the FCI a consequence?” he said. He was referring to the remarks of the National President of the Bharatiya Janata Party J.P.

BJP leader and former prime minister Basavraj Bommai said the Congress government continues to “cheat” in the name of guarantees. “If you were serious about implementing the Anna Bhajia scheme, you could have spoken directly with the central government. But you wasted a month on publicity. The center receives a call based on future situations. Since there has been no rain yet, the center has taken a decision (to stop sales of rice and wheat to state governments) As a precautionary measure to ensure there are no food shortages in the future,” he said.

Bomay said the state government should buy the rice from other agencies and deliver it to the beneficiaries. Otherwise, you must transfer the amount directly to the beneficiaries.

AICC general secretary in charge of Karnataka Randeep Singh Surjewala asked why “FCI (was) allowed to sell rice in ‘open market’ to merchants, but forbidden to sell to states at economic price after payment due”. “Isn’t it a coincidence that the government Congress asked FCI to sell rice to poor people for payment and the next day Modi government directed that FCI not sell rice to states but only to traders in ‘open market’?” he asked in a tweet, adding that Congress will find a way to implement chart.

Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh accused the central government of harming the weaker segments of society. “Is this what BJP President Ndagi meant when he declared that Karnataka would not get ‘Ashirwad’ from Modiji if it did not vote for the BJP?” He said.

The decision to stop selling grain to state governments will also affect BJP-governed states, Tejasvi Surya, a BJP MP, said in a tweet. “This is definitely not a case of discrimination against the state of Karnataka,” he said.

The MP said that like the BJP government in UP, the Karnataka government should buy grain from the open market and fulfill the assurances given to the people.


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