ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s government and Federal Investigation Agency shared social media profiles of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and several of his party leaders for forensic testing for allegedly sharing controversial anti-state content between March 8 and May 9, a media outlet said. said the report on Thursday.
Total 23 Instagram links, Facebook And Twitter Samaa TV, quoting police details, reported that leaders from Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party have been sent to the FIA.
The FIA ​​is Pakistan’s premier nationwide federal crime investigation agency.
Police said the links shared were based on videos and posts of PTI leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Murad Said The report said Hammad Azhar and the statements of the political leaders will also form part of the final report of the Joint Investigation Team on Violence Cases on May 9.
Forensic testing is conducted on videos and posts on allegedly anti-state statements contained in the shared links.
The report stated, “Forensic reports on links will be included in the investigation report. The youth were incited against the state through the use of social media.”
On May 9, violent protests erupted after Khan, 70, was arrested in a corruption case by a paramilitary group in Islamabad. Khan was later released on bail.
Workers from his PTI party vandalized more than 20 military installations and government buildings, including the home of the Corps Commander in Lahore, Mianwali Air Base and the ISI building in Faisalabad. Army headquarters in Rawalpindi It was also attacked by mobs for the first time.
The federal cabinet decided that protesters who vandalized military facilities on May 9 would be prosecuted under the strict Army Act and the Official Secrets Act.
Khan, the head of the PTI party, has stirred up a stir against the current coalition government led by the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) after being ousted last year with a no-confidence motion in parliament.
The violence sparked a strong response from the government and military with pledges of action against the perpetrators, which led to an ongoing crackdown on those involved.
Law enforcement agencies have arrested more than 10,000 Khan’s party workers across Pakistan, 4,000 of whom are from Punjab province.
The Punjab Home Ministry has formed 10 different joint investigation teams to investigate the violent attacks and protests on May 9, which the Pakistan Army called the ‘Black Day’.
Khan is facing more than 100 cases across the country.


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