Punjab opposition leader Partap Singh Bajwa on Saturday slammed the Aaam Aadmi Party-led Punjab government for its “hasty approach to arresting the main suspect in the immigration fraud case, which involved some 700 Indian, mostly Punjabi, international students facing deportation charges in Canada.” “.

“It has been more than three months since the case came to the fore, the main accused in this immigration scam, Brijesh Mishra has not yet been arrested by the Punjab Police,” Congress leader Bajwa said in a written statement.

He added, “I am very intrigued to know what some forces are working on to protect the chief accused from arrest. Or is it sheer negligence on the part of the AAP government in Punjab as the main accused, Brijesh Mishra still at large?”

As Qadian Qadian said: “Now after more than three months, the Punjab Police finally woke up from its deep slumber and formed the Special Investigation Unit on June 12 (Monday) to investigate the matter, which appears to be only a superficial exercise.”

He added, “The Minister of NRI Punjab Affairs, Kuldip Singh Dhaliwal, owes an explanation to the people of Punjab about what has so far prevented him from investigating the matter and arresting the main accused.”

Bajwa said, “This is a very worrying matter because most of the victims belong to ordinary families. The families of most of the students either took large loans from banks, sold their properties, or borrowed money from their relatives to send them to Canada so that they can settle there and pursue their dreams.”

The congress leader added, “After these students along with some Canada-based rights groups staged a series of mass protests, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Canada announced temporary relief for these students.” Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser confirmed That international students who have not been involved in fraud will not face deportation.”


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